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Our  Services

Trust Administration

We can serve as Trustee, Co-Trustee or Successor Trustee for individuals and families who may not have an appropriate family member or other trusted individual to serve in these important roles. Trustees can be privately appointed or by court order.

Probate Administration

We can serve as Probate Administrator of an estate when others are unable or unwilling to serve. The role of the court appointed Administrator is to wrap up the affairs of an estate when an individual has passed away and to see that the estate assets are properly dispursed.


We can serve as court appointed Conservator of Person and/or Estate when an individual can no longer handle their financial or medical affairs.  This need can arise when family is not available due to distance and other factors to assist the individual. 

Power of Attorney

We can serve as Agent Under Power of Attorney to assist individuals in the management of their financial affairs when an appropriate family or other trusted individual is not available.

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